Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's local savings.

PhatDeals DealSeekers

Dealseeker \dēl-sēk-ˈər\ n (1809): One who actively pursues great values for their shopping lists on a regular basis.

Piggy livin' large

The PhatDeals Team believes that a dollar saved is a dollar earned. DealSeeking is responsible, satisfying and keeps your hard earned greenbacks in your pockets. But, who's got time to scour the net for coupons these days? Being busy shouldn't stop you from finding the deals you deserve. Sign up as a PhatDeals DealSeeker and customize your account. We'll let you know when your favorite types of deals become available in your community.

So, "What exactly is PhatDeals DealSeekers?" The answer: DealSeekers is a free membership service for you, the PhatDeals community member. Your DealSeekers account enables you to quickly and easily create a personal profile, see site updates, and receive PhatDeals coupons via cell, or email. That's right, deals sent directly from your computer to your cell phone. Could it be any easier?

Actually.. it could! Your personal DealSeeker profile is fully customizable and comes equipped with your own personal piggy bank, which keeps a running tally of your savings. One you're signed up, select your favorite boroughs, categories, and businesses; you'll then receive relevant, brand new deals in real time. With your favorite deals automatically sent to you, watching your savings grow has never been easier.

Save money with PhatDeals' coupons

You've worked hard for your money, and we'll work just as hard to help you hold onto it. To become a DealSeeker, follow this link to your account registration page. (DealSeeker accounts will go live in Summer 2013.)

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