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Go Mobile

Go Mobile with PhatDeals!

Out of the house, or no access to a printer? Just don't like wasting paper? Sweet! Load up PhatDeals.net on your mobile phone, and access all our deals when you're on the go. You can even bookmark coupons to make them pop up in a flash when you make your purchase at a participating business member of the PhatDeals network. It's that easy.

iPhone, Blackberry, G1

Business owners and managers- Imagine posting a special offer in the morning and watching as new customers stream through your doors that afternoon. With PhatDeals, you have the power to drive customer behavior within hours.

The recent growth of the internet-ready cellphone market (over 2 million smartphones sold just in Q3 2008 alone) indicates that cellphone service is transitioning from voice to data. According to InStat Market Research, internet-capable phone sales will increase at 30% per year for the next five years. And as this market continues to grow, PhatDeals business clients such as yourselves are able to target smartphone users, and are therefore at a distinct advantage over their less tech-savvy counterparts.

With PhatDeals, your advertisement will be in your customers' hands (literally) at a fraction of the cost of even a single newspaper or clipper magazine advertisement. When you post a deal to PhatDeals, members of PhatDeals DealSeekers will immediately be notified via email or SMS and all PhatDeals visitors will have the option to download your offer directly to their smartphones. Because 40% of the public's purchasing decisions are influenced by special offers*, PhatDeals mobile coupons offer your business the power to drive customer behavior almost instantaneously.

It is notable that as an added benefit, PhatDeals mobile coupons reduce the amount of wasted energy and paper used in traditional advertising. For more information on how PhatDeals can help your business go green, see our Go Green! page.

* Mediamark Research