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Mission Statement

The PhatDeals Mission Statement

We here at are dedicated to connecting people, one deal at a time. It is our passion to help local businesses reach out to members of their communities. Equally so, we are about connecting community members to the great restaurants, grocery stores, boutiques, travel agencies, spas, salons, cleaning services, car mechanics, and plumbers in their area. Phat Deals are borne out of a connection between people, and we are here to help you build that connection.

We promise to keep our services free for community members to use, while providing unparalleled value in local advertising to our business clients.

We promise to keep the site as simple and effective as possible. Simple. Neat. Effective.

We promise to keep any ads on our site minimalist, and relevant.

Most importantly, we promise to listen to you, our valued local community members. Let us know what you think of the site, if we're screwing up, if we're rocking your socks off, what needs to be changed. Talk to us. We're here for you. Contact us at

The PhatDeals Team