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About Us

Who We Are

We're a team of young businessmen, recently graduated from UCSB and UCLA. Our degrees run the gamut from biology to engineering, and with them in hand we plan to use the web to spread our mission of strengthening connections within communities to the far reaches of the earth; we expect our efforts will eventually result in world peace.

Aaron holds his BS in Mechanical Engineering and a certificate in Technology Management from UCSB. His academic interests include Entrepreneurship, Brain-Computer Interfaces and Robotics. He's a highly competitive person passionate about soccer, bowling, and poker. Aaron wants to be a Cognitive Scientist/Entrepreneur when he grows up.

Contact Aaron at aaron@phatdeals.net

Jon achieved a BS in both Computer Science and Physics at UCSB. He's been programming since his early high school years, and currently spends most of his productive time coding web applications in PHP. Jon thinks life is an exciting place and knows the only direction from here is up.

Contact Jon at jon@phatdeals.net

Ruben is a Software Engineer at Xerox Corporation.  He holds his BS in Electrical Engineering from UCLA.  Ruben has been designing graphic art and websites since the beginning of his college career. His goal is to create captivating, refined, and intuitive experiences for all to enjoy.

Contact Ruben at ruben@phatdeals.net

Dan is currently a graduate student in BioChemical Engineering at Harvard.  He holds an MS in Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology with undergraduate degrees in Biochemistry and Environmental Studies from UCSB. To specify, he studies the composition and mechanics of biomaterials produced by marine organisms. Outside of academia, he can be found monitoring the stock market and reducing his carbon footprint.

Contact Dan at dan@phatdeals.net