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Terms of Use

PhatDeals Community Terms of Service

For deal posters:

By posting a deal to PhatDeals.net, you agree that all of your business information is correct and up to date, and if this information changes at any time, it must be reflected in the deal. You have the right to post multiple deals, but abuse of this service will result in permanent removal of any current and future deals you may have. You may not use our servers to conduct any unlawful activity, and doing so will result in immediate removal of your postings and refusal of any future services.

You are held responsible for the terms of your deal in your posts. You are provided with a space for entering the description and terms of your deal, and you agree to post all pertinent information about your deal. When posting, you must uphold the terms of your deal; any disputes that arise are not the responsibility of PhatDeals.net, and must be handled by your organization on your own terms. If it is found that your deal is not being upheld, then it may be removed without notice.

You agree not to post advertising that may be considered spam. By posting, you agree that you are a human being and that any information submitted on behalf of your organization is done so by hand. You agree to post deals in their correct categories and any miscategorization will result in the moving of your deal to the correct category. Repeated violations in category may result in permanent denial of future services. If there is no suitable category, then please submit a request to us via email. You agree not to post any material that may be considered offensive or pornographic, including the image that may be uploaded with your deal.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any organization found to be in violation of these terms.

For deal seekers:

By using PhatDeals.net to look for and print deals, you agree to not abuse our service or the organizations that post them. You must respect the terms of the deal as put forth in the deal description. Any disputes about the execution of a posted deal must be taken up with the deal poster. You have the right to flag any deal as one that provides false or misleading information, is spam, a miscategorization, or offensive material. PhatDeals.net is not responsible for any abusive deals posted on our servers, though we will work diligently to combat such problems.

We reserve the right to refuse service to you if found to be in violation of these terms.