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Help Using PhatDeals

If you're a business owner and you need help using our website to promote your business, or if just need help finding a deal in your area, ask us at help@phatdeals.net.

What is this place?
Well, this is a website dedicated to connecting people with local business owners by offering coupons (or "deals") that are free to browse and print out. Our product is a platform that offers inexpensive, highly effective advertising to local businesses. You can look for deals posted on PhatDeals.net, and local business owners can post appropriate (or "phat") deals.

So how do I look for a deal in my area?
First you have to select which community you belong to by visiting our main page, choosing the area closest to you from the drop down menu, and clicking on "Find a deal". There is a search bar located at the top of every page within your community where you can enter key words to search for. We currently only support a limited number of communities, but we promise there are more to come.

What if I can't find a community close to me?
If a community close to you is not supported, you can always give us feedback by emailing us at feedback@phatdeals.net. We're always expanding, and by helping us with your feedback, we may be opening up a community near you soon.

I'm a local business owner, how do I post a coupon to my community?
Sign up for a PhatDeals Business account.

Are there any rules?
Yeah. You can take a look at them by visiting our Terms of Service page.