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October 4, 2009

Redesigning PhatDeals, Part I: The Right Feel

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Hello everyone. I am Ruben Infante, Director of User Experience at PhatDeals. In this three-part series, I will discuss the thoughts and processes behind putting together a complete site redesign.

For a good portion of the last year I have been busy putting together what is now the public beta of PhatDeals 1.0. I hope you are all enjoying the new layout, but I wanted to shed some light on what happened behind-the-scenes to get everything up and running. Taking the strengths of the previous site and addressing its potential downfalls, while giving everything a new coat of paint can be slightly complicated. Especially considering that we wanted to keep a large portion of the infrastructure in place and simply build around it. This endeavor was going to take some planning in order to ensure that I had the right idea of where the site needed to go.


September 24, 2009

Hands off Investor

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A hands-off investor prefers to set an investment portfolio and make only minor changes for a long period of time. For example, the consumer might never become an investor, but may invest in a few different funds on a regular basis to vary his investments. Other than that, he lets his investments do the investing for him. You can continue reading this to get all the details.

How to Invest in Stocks [Investing in Stocks for Beginners] - Mint

When you read that you might get a 30% increase in your wealth if you invest 20% of your net worth in the stock market you start to worry. You’re not putting 20% of your net worth into the stock market. That’s simply taking your current net worth and putting 20% into the stock market. That’s how the math works. You aren’t going to make a 30% jump. So what? Then how does it make any sense?

How to Invest When Investors Call

So let’s say the investor who wants to take a 1% bump in his wealth wants to do it within the first 30 days. I think there is a better way, a better number. Investing in the stock market involves investing in a number of individual stocks. Let’s look at the story.

Let’s say the investor has $1,000 in net worth and wants to invest 15% of his net worth in the stock market. The math here is simple. After doing a $1,000 purchase of stocks the investor can continue buying 15 stocks per day until the balance is $15,000. After 45 days the investor would have a $15,000 balance. After 60 days the balance would be $32,000. At the end of the 180 days he would have about $129,000 in net worth. His cash balance would be $128,000. His stock balance would be $131,000.

Now that we know the math, let’s take a look at the scenarios for both scenarios. If you invest $10,000 in the stock market for 30 days then you will start with about $34,000 in cash balance, so you will get an increase of $7,000 in net worth. If you were to invest $34,000 in the stock market you would start with an identical cash balance and a value of $7,000.

Let’s assume that you get the 30% bump and invest another $10,000 in the stock market. You would start with an identical cash balance, but the value of your stock balance would be $21,000. Your cash balance would be $22,000.

If you invest $50,000 in the stock market for 30 days then you would start with a value of $77,000 and would have a total net worth of $234,000. If you’re a businessman investing in different markets, then you might want to go to WECU and see how they can help with your finances. You may also want to try fx trading by VT markets.

July 29, 2009

Status Update- Hello Mr. Washington.

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Hello everyone.

I posted the last entry this past April. To say that PhatDeals has seen much in the way of growth and change since then would be an understatement.  Please allow me to explain.

Jon and I started PhatDeals in September of 2007, when I still had 2 years of school left here at UCSB before earning my degree. This past June, I finally graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an Emphasis in Technology Management from UC Santa Barbara. Since then, we here at PhatDeals have been working diligently to make our service as wonderful as possible for our business clients and community members.

Now that I have graduated and gone full time with PhatDeals, we now find ourselves in an exciting state of transition. Though PhatDeals began in September 2007, we have really only gotten through the prototype and alpha forms of the site. The design and functionality of the site as it now stands is about 9 months old. In approximately 7 weeks, we’ll be releasing PhatDeals beta, our first commercially viable version of the site. Here’s a fun little trip down memory lane, to give an idea of where we’ve come from and the iterations that have followed.

The Very First Prototype of PhatDeals:

This was the first prototype of the site Jon built after our first “executive business meeting” on a couch on Del Playa road in Isla Vista in Summer 2007. As you can see, there’s a lot of whitespace, it’s fairly intuitive, and our logo is pretty confusing. To me, the logo ended up looking like we were business consultants or something of that nature. But.. it was a logo, and that puppy got us through the first 9 months, and the UCSB Technology Management Program’s new venture competition in 2008. Btw, you can see a picture of yours-truly in the red shirt, and Dan in the blue shirt at the about 3/4 down that page:

New Venture Fair 2008

As a sidenote, that display is actually sitting in my living room right now, serving as a daily reminder of where we’ve come from and where we want to go. Here’s that!


Note how awesome our “Expasion” Plan was. That actually wasn’t pointed out to us until the very last judge in the competition mentioned it.

Also, you can see in the right panel, under “PhatDeals 2.0” a taste of where we saw ourselves going. Here are some of the mockups from that panel:



In May 2008 we came to a new design for the logo and overall look of the site, courtesy of a very talented designer we met via an ad we took out on craigslist. Here’s what that led to initially:


And we’ve been building upon that since then. If you look at the current site, it’s basically a more layered version of this. We’ll be releasing a new version of the PhatDeals site, which we’re calling PhatDeals beta, in mid-late September as our first commercial product. We’ll devote a whole entire entry to the new design at a later date, likely with some input from Ruben.

So.. that brings us to Mr. Washington. We’ve just printed out 1000 of the PhatDeals Summer 2009 coupon books, for which we charged businesses on a per-coupon basis to be in the book. I give you, the first fruit of almost 2 years of our labor:


And here’s some pictures of the coupon books:

This one’s probably my favorite:

Well, that’s most of what we’ve been up to. We’ve got quite a few tricks up our sleeves though, so watch out for those in the coming weeks and months ahead.


February 24, 2009

New Team Members, New Deals

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Hello everyone. I have exciting news. PhatDeals has been moving along at a really pleasant pace. Although the team has obligations with work and school, we have been working diligently here at PhatDeals to bring you the Phattest deals west of the Mississippi.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working diligently to build a team robust enough to weather the oncoming storm of development, expansion and headaches that will undoubtedly meet us in the next several months of expanding our company. In the last month we brought on two new team members- Ruben Infante and Sean Drazich. Please allow me to introduce you to them.

Here’s Ruben: